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Having a Healthy Spine Prevents Back Pain


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Category: Physical Therapy

People everywhere are experiencing the transformative effect physical therapy can have on their daily lives. In fact, as experts in the way the body moves, physical therapists help people of all ages and abilities reduce pain, improve or restore mobility, and stay active and fit throughout life. But there are some common misconceptions that often discourage people from visiting a physical therapist.
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Category: Massage Therapy

The health benefits of massage are varied, but can it ease the pain of arthritis? Find out what’s proven to work best, and what you should know about massage for arthritis.
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Category: General Info

Proper hydration is critical to maintaining your overall health. Your body is approximately 60 - 70% water. While it makes sense that our blood is mostly water, we don't always think about our muscles, lungs and brains also containing a lot of water.
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Injury or Concern Holding You Back?

If you have an injury or condition that limits your ability to participate in an exercise program, we can help. Try a FREE INJURY SCREEN with one of our licensed medical professional's and get on the road to recovery and better overall health.