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Having a Healthy Spine Prevents Back Pain


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Category: Fitness

An easy to make smoothie recipe that includes red, white and blue ingredients and fits perfectly with the Memorial Day weekend. We recently bought a new blender at the Turner residence and have been experimenting with some new smoothie recipes.
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Tags : nutrition

Category: Physical Therapy

Learn about the benefits of integrating Pilates techniques into physical therapy treatments.
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Tags : Pilates

Category: Physical Therapy

Winter is upon us. As a result you may find yourself spending more time indoors and less time being active and mobile. This can lead to stiffness, fatigue and difficulties in accomplishing your daily activities and tasks. Despite the cooler temperatures and wintery weather, you need to keep moving and making daily efforts to be healthy. Here are some easy steps and fun alternatives to increase movement, decrease pain and increase your energy:
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If you have an injury or condition that limits your ability to participate in an exercise program, we can help. Try a FREE INJURY SCREEN with one of our licensed medical professional's and get on the road to recovery and better overall health.