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Introductory Training Session

Don't Worry ... We Got This

Our Introductory Training Session puts you on track by including an introductory personal training session with every initial fitness package. The session is designed to create an easy to follow fitness program based on your specific goals and fitness level. After your session, you will have a great starting point to feel confident and excited about starting your new fitness program.

What's Included?

Your Intro Session Includes

  • Discussion of your fitness goals
    • tell us why you're here
  • Basic fitness assessment
    • resting heart rate
    • resting blood pressure
    • exercise heart rate
    • exercise blood pressure
    • basic screening elements
  • Introduction to fitness equipment
    • personal machine settings
    • starting weights
    • proper techniques
  • Introduction to cardio equipment
    • proper use
    • target heart rate
  • Create detailed list of all suggested exercises / equipment
    • machine settings / descriptions
    • weights, sets and reps
    • fitness tips

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