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Staying Active During the Winter Months

Feb 09, 2016


Winter is upon us. As a result you may find yourself spending more time indoors and less time being active and mobile. This can lead to stiffness, fatigue and difficulties in accomplishing your daily activities and tasks. Despite the cooler temperatures and wintery weather, you need to keep moving and making daily efforts to be healthy. Here are some easy steps and fun alternatives to increase movement, decrease pain and increase your energy:

  1. Get up and get moving. Try planning daily activities or an exercise program and just do it!
  2. Get up from your chair / couch every 20 minutes. Take a quick lap around your house or at work. You will feel so much better and research shows it increases productivity at work.
  3. Get at least 30 minutes of exercise everyday! Get out there and walk. Take advantage of the "nice" days and do your best to get outside at the warmest times of the day.
  4. Drink plenty of water. Have at least one glass with every meal. See a previous post about proper hydration and how important it is to your overall health.
  5. Gently stretch your legs, hips, spine and neck daily for 10 minutes. Start slowly, and make sure everything you do is comfortable. Try making this part of your morning and bedtime routine.
  6. Stop and take a few deep breaks throughout the day: Inhale and exhale for 5 seconds each. It will fill those lungs with oxygen and give you a couple minutes to relax.
  7. Stay strong! Do strengthening exercises at least 2-3 times a week. Check out our fitness center and personal training services or simply do some basic exercises at home. Again the important thing is to do something!

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