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Personal Trainer | Physical Therapy Office Team

With a contagious smile and ever positive attitude, Zoe is always ready to help. With her personal training background and prior experiences in small business settings, she is a great fit for our facility.

Zoe has her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Utah and then became a Certified Health Fitness Specialist through ACSM. She started working as a personal trainer 3 years ago helping those with all different skills levels and abilities. She believes that getting healthy is a process that anyone can achieve when they put in the required effort. Zoe loves the challenge of helping other with that process and helping them stay motivated and excited about their goals.

Zoe has stayed active most of her life and tried all sorts of activities. She has ran a dozen marathons and obstacle course races, a few ultramarathons, and competed in 2 strongman competitions. She enjoys any kind of new challenge.



Has run about a dozen marathons, obstacle races and a few ultra-marathons


Big Utah Utes football fan, but currently "interviewing" pro teams to route for


Loves her cat, Ender

What got you into personal training?

I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do after I had graduated from college. I moved to Pennsylvania and the first job I could find was in a tiny gym in a small town. I took the job and fell in love with what being a personal trainer was. I liked helping people accomplish their goals and being able to work with individuals so closely.

What exactly is an ultra-marathon? What was the longest one you completed?

An ultra-marathon is a race with a distance over 26.2 miles, or a "normal" marathon. They are normally done in the mountains or off road terrain.

I did a 32 mile race with a 7 thousand feet elevation gain in Utah. I literally felt like that would be my final resting place!!